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Privacy policy

We pay special attention to respecting the privacy of users playing Speedway Challenge. Each person playing the Speedway Challenge and using our website acknowledges and accepts the following privacy protection rules.

Displaying advertisements

Keeping the application up-to-date, its further development, and even adaptation to changing circumstances is associated with serious costs. Like many other websites, we finance our activities by personalizing the ads displayed on your devices. It is possible thanks to the collection and processing of data by us, which takes place WITHOUT the identification of your persons. These data are collected only to better adapt the content of advertisements displayed on your device to your interests and preferences. Thanks to this, a circle of mutual benefits is created: we obtain funds for the development of the application, you can use its improved and updated versions, and you also receive more adapted advertising. As we do not process data for advertising purposes, we enable the collection and processing of data by our trusted partners. In Speedway Challenge   games running on Android and iOS we use the services of the Admob (Google Play and AppStore) platform   and Huawei Ads (Huawei AppGallery) .


Data controller: AdMob Google Inc.

Collection of personal data: Unique device identifiers for advertising purposes - such as Google Advertiser ID or Apple ID For Advertising.

Place of processing: USA

Privacy policy: Here

Cancel services:Here

Others:   How Google uses information from websites and applications that use their services .

Huawei Ads

Data controller: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Collection of personal data: Unique device identifiers for advertising purposes - such as Huawei ID.

Place of processing: China, Germany, Singapore, Russia - as per the table in point 2 here .

Privacy policy: Here

Cancel services: Here

Opting out of services

If you do not want your personal data (e.g. advertising identifiers) to be used in our applications, you can purchase the option to remove ads in individual games or select the "Opt out of services" option for certain services available above.


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Questions and concerns about our privacy policy

If you have any doubts or questions about the way we administer your data, please contact us at

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