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1. Why is the game not completely free?

The game is not free so we can develop it further and give you the best quality product.

2. What does my rating on Google Play, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery or Steam affect?

We understand that not all of users may like our game and therefore rate it poorly. However, if you rate the game in the store low in order to motivate us to work, unfortunately you will not achieve anything with it. We cant spend any more time playing because we just dont have it. Your low rating only causes the stores to reduce the quality of the game in their algorithms and show it to other users less often, which makes the game less popular. Needless to say, the lower the popularity of the game, the more difficult it will be to break through and compete with other games, which may simply "die" a natural death. An additional "harmful" factor is that speedway is popular in a few countries, so people from Spain, for example, who download the game will automatically give it a low rating. So if you like the game then the worst you can do is give it a low rating.

3. How to back up my data?

Virtual coins and unlocked tracks and teams are tied to your game account. You just need to create an account - this option is available in the "Profile" screen in the game. Logging in on any device reads your achievements from the server.

You can also sync (save and read) the state of the game in career and league mode. The write data limit is 10MB per user.

4. Why not all riders have real names in the game?

Unfortunately, we do not have a license to use the real names of all players and the names of the teams and their logos. However, we wanted to ensure that we are doing our best to establish cooperation with as many clubs as possible.

5. Why are older versions of the game removed?

There are several reasons for this:

1. License agreements are concluded for a specified period of time.

We are not allowed to use the licensed names in the game after this time. Changing names from real to fictional would certainly not be well received by players.

2. Easier implementation of new functionalities.

We are constantly striving to develop the Speedway Challenge series. Many of the novelties that appear in subsequent installments of the series would require much more work if they were to be implemented in older versions. From a programming point of view, it is much easier to implement a large feature by introducing it in a new version of the game.

3. Older versions have poorer quality.

A new user who has not played any of our games could download one of the older versions. His opinion on the Speedway Challenge series would be based only on his impressions from the older version of the game.

4. Cost of living.

Supporting older versions of the game is costly. You have to pay for the servers and update the libraries that we use in the game. It all takes time, which we prefer to spend on developing the series.

6. I have purchased the full mode and I am informed that it is inactive - what should I do?

The products in the game are operated by the Google Play Store or the AppStore. After purchasing any product in the application, in most cases it is still active in the game. the product is no longer active. Follow the instructions below to restore it.

Attention! Before starting this process, make a database backup as described in "3. How do I back up my data?".

If you have an Android device, start from point 1. If you have an iOS device, start from point 4.

1. Make sure that the product was purchased on the same Google Play account that you are logged in to the Store on.

Launch the "Play Store" application, click on the top right corner (with your account icon), select "Payments & Subscriptions", and then "Budget and History". Your purchase must be visible there.

2. Clear game application data.

Run "Settings", then "Manage Applications" (or "Applications"), find the "SC" ​​(or "Speedway Challenge") application, select "Memory" and click "Clear Data".

3. Clear the data of the Google Play Store application.

Run "Settings", then "Manage Applications" (or "Applications"), find the "Google Play Store" application, select "Memory" and click "Clear Data".

4. Uninstall the game.

The uninstallation process differs depending on the operating system installed, but in most cases you just need to hold your finger on the application icon and then move it towards the trash can icon or the text "Uninstall" or "Delete".

5. Restart the phone.

Wait about 30 seconds after rebooting.

6. Turn on the internet (wifi or cellular data).

It's best to launch a web browser and open a website to make sure your internet connection is active. Wait approx. 30 seconds.

7. Install the game.

Launch the Store app and then search for "Speedway Challenge". Download and install the game. After installation, wait about 30 seconds.

8. Start the game.

After starting the game, wait about 30 seconds in the main menu screen.

9. Check if the modes are unlocked.

The best way to do this is to open the "Store" screen. If the product is unlocked it will not be visible on the screen. If it is visible, click the button for loading payments (located at the bottom right). Wait approx. 30 seconds and check if the modes are still locked. 

If you have completed all the steps and the products are still blocked, send us an error message. Go to the "Settings" screen, then click the "Report" button next to the "Report a bug" text. Enter your e-mail address and describe the problem and click "Send". 

7. I forget my profile password. What can I do?

Start the game, go to Profile screen and press Reset password button. After typing your email address and pressing Reset button you will receive an email with reseted password.

8. Why there were no 5th and 6th position teams in playoff round in PL1 league?

We do not have a license for PL1 league so they cannot be the same as in real life.


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