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Tryb kariery

Ranked game

Challenge opponents from all over the world and climb up the ranking of the best players.


Playing with friends

Add your friends and play online matches at any time on any track.


Challenge mode

Take up the challenge and try to complete the tasks. In return you will receive SCP points.

Tryb kariery

Career mode

Pass your license, win a place in the squad, upgrade your equipment and climb to the top of your speedway career.


League mode

Choose your favorite team, compose your squad and reach for the National Team Championship.


Quick game mode

Choose any two teams (league or national) and the
track and play a friendly match.


Types of games

Compete in several leagues simultaneously and in individual tournaments.


World and Euro Championships

Qualify for the Individual World Championship and Individual Euro Championships. Compete for the title of the Team World Championships and Pair World Championships.


National Championship

Obtain the title of the Individual National Champion in youth and senior competitions (Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Argentina, Finland, France, USA).


League games

Win the title of Team Country Champion. You can choose to ride in the Polish, British, Swedish, Danish, German, Russian, French and Czech leagues.


Youth League

You start your adventure with speedway in junior age. Improve your skills in the junior league in Poland, Sweden or Great Britain, as well as in individual competitions for juniors.

Main changes

compared to the 2023 version

Unique riding styles

Each rider has its own riding style (quick play and league mode), in career mode the player can choose it for his rider

Moddable database

You can edit any game data (rider names, team names, leagues and many others) in the Steam version. The changed database can be sent to another device (e.g. smartphone)

Animations after race

To be activated by the player after the race (rider can be happy, sad, nervous, thank another rider, etc.)

Editable track masks

Track masks determine which path is the fastest, they are different on each track. Mask can be converted in the Steam version and used locally or in online play

Changed game servers

Game server communication has been improved, special for eSports competitions. The game is much more responsive, problems known from previous versions have been removed

New riding physique

Blocking has a greater impact on riding. No slowing down when pushing into the fence. Reduced reflections from the boards on straights when making contact with a motorcycle. Fixed sticking to the board when making a sudden turn

New competitions in league and career mode

Team World Championships, Pair World Championships, Individual Ukraine Championships, Individual New Zealand Championships, Individual Netherlands Championships, Individual Italy Championships, Individual Junior France Championships

Possibility to look back

The rider can look back (in Quick Game, Career and League modes the game slows down); Opponents also looks back depending on the situation on the track

Expanded riding skills

They can be different for each type of track grip, and they change dynamically during the season

Possibility to add rut to the track mask

Rut can be added in the Steam version and track masks can be used online. After entering a rut, you lose control of the motorcycle

Game look improvement

Updated stadium models and added new stadiums. Shadows covering the entire stadium. Improved visual quality of fans. Visualization of rain during the race. Camera behavior has been improved. Changing the shades of the dust according to the track grip

Rider models

Added a deflector to the motorcycle. New animations of starting, braking and turning the rider. Animated rider in the garage

Possibility to rate track masks

Only available online so you can see which ones are the most exciting

Adjusting the rules of the competition to those in reality

Barage competitions removed. 3rd place matches removed. 6-team playoffs. Regulations for riders from positions 8 / 16. Added warnings for too fast start

Changes in career and / or league mode

Possibility to start with current or start season lineups. Showing first competition result in revenge competition. Possibility of giving a walkover. Added impact of training infrastructure on club riders. Possibility to set the track grip. Ability to select an existing rider in career mode. Possibility to select the age of the newly created player. Clutch impact on start delay removed. Minimum level to buy an engine in career mode. Increased rate of engine use

Many more minor changes

Some of them: updating the logos, riders uniforms and fans colors of all clubs; new skins of rider and motorcycle equipment elements; changed screens look; new music; new challenges; updated skills of all riders for the 2024 season; track masks update;


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