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Ranked game

Challenge opponents from all over the world and climb up the ranking of the best players.


Playing with friends

Add your friends and play online matches at any time on any track.


Challenge mode

Take up the challenge and try to complete the tasks. In return you will receive SCP points.

Tryb kariery

Career mode

Pass your license, win a place in the squad, upgrade your equipment and climb to the top of your speedway career.


League mode

Choose your favorite team, compose your squad and reach for the National Team Championship.


Quick game mode

Choose any two teams (league or national) and the
track and play a friendly match.


Types of games

Compete in several leagues simultaneously and in individual tournaments.


TAURON Speedway Euro Championship

Qualify for the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship or get a wild card and compete for the title of the european champion in 4 rounds of the TAURON SEC.


National Championship

Obtain the title of the Individual National Champion in youth and senior competitions (Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Argentina, Finland, France, USA).


League games

Win the title of Team Country Champion. You can choose to ride in the Polish, British, Swedish, Danish, German, Russian, French and Czech leagues.  


Youth League

You start your adventure with speedway in junior age. Improve your skills in the junior league in Poland, Sweden or Great Britain
as well as in individual competitions for juniors.


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